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We feel that a well-groomed pet not only looks great, but that grooming improves the health and attitude of our pets. A well-groomed pet is a healthier and happier pet, which makes for a happier owner! Each pet that comes to our studio is groomed on an individual basis to suit his or her special needs.

Becky, Amy and Michelle are our pet groomers with more than 40 years of combined experience. They groom both dogs and cats, and offer such services as clips, brush-outs, baths, medicated baths, flea and mite treatments, and more. Becky is a long-standing member of the national Dog Groomers Association of America, and has years of experience with both pet and professional clips. 

Our grooming studio is open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday for your convenience. To accommodate our clients most efficiently, we operate on an appointment basis. You may call our grooming-exclusive phone line at (503) 623-7389 to arrange an appointment.

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