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Animal Care Technician

Job Summary

Animal Care Technicians help the technicians, doctors, and receptionists in all duties of the hospital. Animal Care Technicians provide for the constant cleanliness of the hospital, as well as all patient wards, cages, and runs. The Animal Care Technicians are responsible for the daily care of our patients, including walking, feeding, and recording of animal weight, appetite, and other information as directed. Animal Care Technicians are required to assist the doctors and technicians with restraint and other responsibilities according to individual abilities and training.

Specific Duties

  • Care for boarding and hospitalized animals, including cage cleaning, exercising, feeding, observation for signs of illness, laundry, bathing procedures, and keeping animals clean, as described in the ACT training manual.
  • Feeds each animal as prescribed by the attending doctor, recording appetite, condition, and signs of illness.
  • Release animals to their owners as directed by the doctor or technician. Ensure that every animal released is clean, properly groomed, and looking better than on arrival.
  • Receive animals to be admitted for hospital care as directed by the doctor or technician. Ensure that each animal has proper identification, including name tags, cage cards, and medical records, in the appropriate place.
  • General cleaning of public and employee areas of hospital, general cleaning of walking areas and parking areas to maintain clean, odor-free, and attractive environment. Housekeeping and laundry duties for all areas.
  • Restrain patients for procedures performed by technicians or doctors.
  • Maintaining a professional, cheerful, and helpful attitude when interacting with pet owners.
  • Stocking of hospital supplies, filling out requisition forms as supplies are needed, as described in the assistant manual.
  • Assist the Veterinarian in administration of euthanasia, and record, tag, and document properly afterward for cremation. Assist with proper transfer to cremation contractor.
  • Assist the customer services representatives when necessary, carrying food for clients and retrieving food or other supplies for CSRs and clients.
  • Demonstrate medication administration, ear cleaning, bandage maintenance, and post-surgical care.

Minimum Qualifications

Ability to:

  • Learn cleaning and disinfecting methods and the use and care of cleaning materials and equipment;
  • Appropriately handle and restrain animals;
  • Learn basic animal care;
  • Learn basic veterinary terminology and recognize abnormal conditions;
  • Understand and carry out oral and written directions.

Physical Requirements

The Animal Care Technicians will be required to stand for long periods and perform moderately heavy physical labor. The Veterinary Assistant must be able to handle and restrain animals. The Animal Care Technicians must be able to lift up to 40lbs unassisted.

Controls Over Work

The Animal Care Technicians works under the supervision of the Animal Care Technician Lead. However, they will also receive direction from veterinarians, technicians, and CSRs on a daily basis.