Pet Wellness Care

in Dallas, OR

At Dallas Animal Clinic, we believe annual wellness care is imperative to keeping your pet happy and healthy!


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Pet Wellness and
Preventative Care

Your pet’s health is important and preventive care is necessary. We recommend wellness exams, keeping your pets on a vaccination schedule, and working with us on all facets of wellness care.

During your annual physical exam, your veterinarian fully examines your pet and discusses vaccinations and ongoing wellness. Just like you do wellness visits with your doctor, it’s important that your pet does the same. During these visits, our team will spend time examining your pet from nose to tail.

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Pet grooming

Pet Grooming Service

When you trust our animal hospital with grooming services, you can always expect your pet to receive quality, compassionate care. Whether your pet is just here for a quick bath, nail trim, anal gland expression, or more extensive treatment, such as a medicated bath, de-matting, ear cleaning, or a sanitary clip, our veterinary team will always treat your pet as one of their one. We strive to keep your pet as comfortable and relaxed as possible throughout the grooming appointment, and we’ll give you a call as soon as your pet is ready to be picked up.

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Pet Boarding

Our caring and compassionate veterinary staff will make sure your pet receives plenty of one-on-one attention, interactive playtime, long walks, and nutritious meals. While our ‘pet resort’ is filled with all the loving comforts of home, we know that pets can sometimes get homesick, just like humans. Does your pet have a favorite toy? A special treat? You are welcome to bring any comforts from home to our animal vet clinic that will help your pet relax while you are gone. We request that you label these toys so we can be sure they return home with your pet when the visit is over.

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Pet House

Pet House-Calls & Farm-Calls

House calls and Farm calls permit us to bring our highly qualified staff and medical expertise right to your home. Pets that are fearful or otherwise stressed by coming to our office can benefit from being examined in their own environment, where they are likely to feel more secure and calm. This permits us to better evaluate behavior and overall demeanor in a more relaxed and natural setting.

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Pet Euthanasia and
Cremation Services

We understand the emotions surrounding the end-of-life decisions for your pet and are here to help. When scheduling your appointment, our staff will attempt to find a time when the clinic is less hurried, typically at the beginning of the doctor’s appointments, around lunchtime, or at the end of the day. This will allow you & your pet the most privacy and care during this difficult time. We are now also offering a Comfort Suite available to you for this time of saying goodbye.

We understand that these things cannot always be planned and accept emergency euthanasia appointments as well. If transporting your pet to our clinic is too difficult, or you feel your pet would be more comfortable in familiar surroundings, in-home euthanasia may be arranged.

Our cremation services are offered through Companion Care Cremations. Arrangements are made through our clinic, so we can continue to ensure your pet receives the utmost care & respect and that you receive the assistance you need during this process.