Our Boarding Services

We offer one of the best supervised and cleanest boarding facilities in the area. Our kennels are warm, sanitary and of sufficient size to make your pet's stay a comfortable one. Dogs and cats are housed separately to minimize stress during their stay.

Boarding pets must have proof of current vaccines. As a part of the boarding process, a veterinarian will examine your pet. If your pet's vaccines are not current, we can update them for you. We also screen each pet for external parasites and treat, if necessary. Your pets are checked multiple times a day by our staff and doctors.

Meals are served twice a day, unless your pet has special needs. Our boarding pets are fed Hill's Science diet food products or prescription diet foods, as required, unless you prefer to supply their normal diet from home. 

Dogs are exercised in our outdoor facility twice daily, and the kitties get individual attention morning and afternoon. You are welcome to bring small and machine washable bedding to add to your pet's comfort. 

We also provide boarding services for exotics, pocket pets, birds, reptiles and ferrets. We do ask that you bring your pet's own food and cage so that we can keep their environment and diet as consistent as possible. Ferrets should have proof of current distemper and rabies vaccinations. Our veterinarians can update these vaccines if they are not current.

Contagious animals will be housed in our isolation facility.

We offer, by arrangement, extra walks, playtime, nail trims, and other grooming services (for both dogs and cats), and dentistry or surgical services as requested during boarding visits.

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